Cave, Tech and CCR Training

Cave diver

Amigos Dive Center is home to a network of extremely capable diving educators. In fact, it’s unlikely you’ll meet a more highly qualified group of instructors anywhere.

  • Collectively, they represent literally hundreds of years of diving and teaching experience.
  • Every instructor belongs to multiple agencies. Together, they represent every cave and technical organization imaginable, including NSS-CDS, NACD, IANTD, GUE and TDI.

These instructors choose Amigos because they recognize that our commitment to quality and excellence matches their own. Among other things, these individuals are constantly adding to their list of instructor qualifications. To see the complete list of their instructor ratings and the courses they offer, follow the links to their individual websites.

Instructor Cave Tech CCR
Orlando Abreus
(386) 965-1953
Larry Babcock
(812) 459-6309
Scott Byars
Exploration Unlimited
Dr. Mel Clark
Silent Scuba
Tony Flaris
Facebook Page
Mark Fowler
Mark Fowler Scuba
Georges Gawinowski
WDT Dive
Jill Heinerth
Maxim Kuznetsov
Tom “TJ” Johnson
Dayo Scuba
Rob McGann
Dan Patterson
Central Florida Divers
Johnny Richards
The Cave Diving Website
Meredith Tanguay
Wet Rocks Diving
Helge Weber

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