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Amigos Dive Center is a factory authorized for Dive Rite and several other major brands. If these companies make it, we can get it — fast. We offer:

  • Competitive prices.
  • Shipping across the USA or
    around the world.
  • Unbeatable expertise.
Lamar Hires

We also offer just about everything you may need in terms of last-minute parts and accessories, including an assortment of reels, line arrows, hoses, t-shirts and more.

Get an Extra Set of Doubles Free?

The average cave diver makes two dives a day. If you only own one set of doubles, that means an extra trip to Amigos every day for that second fill. How much does that cost you?

Gas Prices
  • Let’s be optimistic and assume gas averages $5.00/gallon over the next five years (yeah, right…).
  • Assume also that the extra trip to the fill station averages 35 miles round trip and that your vehicle gets 20 miles to the gallon.
  • Further assume that you spend 20 days a year cave diving in north Florida.

If you do the math, you’ll discover that, over five years, you spend $875 just in gasoline making making that extra trip to Amigos for fills. Guess what? That would just about pay for an extra set of doubles to save you the extra trip.

Consider also what we did not take into account in this example:

  • The cost of the extra wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • The value of your time spent making that extra trip.
  • The fact that no one really knows how much we will be paying for gas over the next five years and beyond.

When you factor in these variables, the real payoff period on an extra set of doubles is closer to 24-30 months.

Amigos not only rents doubles, we also sell the complete line of Faber FX Series cylinders from Blue Steel. And, of course, we also sell Dive Rite manifolds, bands and bolt kits.

Just let us know and we can get you set up in an extra set of doubles that will more than pay for itself in the years ahead.

Faber FX Series Specifications
(Air, Full)
(w/o Valve)
(w/o Valve)
FX15DV 3442 psi 2.0 liters 122 cu in 15 cu ft 14.17 in 3.94 in 6.6 lbs -2.42/-1.21 lbs
FX23DV 3442 psi 3.0 liters 183 cu in 23 cu ft 19.50 in 3.94 in 8.6 lbs -2.64/-0.66 lbs
FX71DVB 3442 psi 9.0 liters 549 cu in 71 cu ft 21.26 in 6.73 in 24.7 lbs -6.97/-1.40 lbs
FX80DVB 3442 psi 10.2 liters 622 cu in 80 cu ft 20.87 in 7.24 in 28.6 lbs -8.05/-1.74 lbs
FX100LPDVB 2640 psi 12.9 liters 787 cu in 80 cu ft 24.80 in 7.24 in 24.9 lbs 1.65/7.65 lbs
FX100DVB 3442 psi 12.9 liters 787 cu in 100 cu ft 25.39 in 7.24 in 34.3 lbs -8.41/-0.59 lbs
FX117DVB 3442 psi 15.0 liters 915 cu in 117 cu ft 24.21 in 8.02 in 38.9 lbs -9.12/0.16 lbs
FX120DVB 3442 psi 15.3 liters 934 cu in 120 cu ft 29.33 in 7.24 in 39.2 lbs -8.82/0.65 lbs
FX133DVB 3442 psi 17.0 liters 1037 cu in 133 cu ft 26.78 in 8.02 in 42.7 lbs -9.08/1.45 lbs
FX149DVB 3442 psi 19.0 liters 1159 cu in 149 cu ft 29.53 in 8.02 in 46.9 lbs -9.41/2.35 lbs


Faber Cylinder
  • FX Series is a DOT E-13488 specification, no overfilling is allowed.
  • FX Series is Transport Canada (TC) approved.
  • All FX Series cylinders are oxygen cleaned and suitable for Nitrox use.
  • Inlet thread size is the common 3/4-14 NPSM.
  • Self draining boot and DIN/Yoke valve included above part numbers.
  • All cylinders feature the Faber White corrosion resistant finish for durability.
  • Diameters and weights are nominal.
  • Cubic foot capacities are nominal; actual volume depends on settled pressure, temperature and gas being filled.

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