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Introducing Amigos Oasis


With warm weather here, it’s not unusual to arrive at Amigos more than a little thirsty. Fortunately, relief is now available 24/7 — just like our fills. We call this Amigos’ Oasis. You’ll find it in the cabana that faces the fill station. Inside is an assortment of sodas, thirst quenchers, energy drinks and water. Drinks are just $1.00 each; just drop your money in the slot next to the refrigerated cabinet.


The sign overhead pretty much sums up the philosophy behind the oasis.


Our goal is to offer as broad a selection of drinks as possible, to suit every taste.


Don’t see what you are looking for? Let us know. We’ll try to add it to the collection.


Our first customer was Jeff Hawes, who helped himself to as nice cold one on Saturday. He won’t be the last, we’re sure.

Amigos Dive Center

5472 SW Elim Church Rd
Ft. White, FL 32038

(386) 497-3876
(386) 288-4895


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