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Guided Dives

Wayne Kinard

Wayne Kinard made his first cave dive in Blue Hole/Jug Spring in the Ichetucknee River in 1971 and has been passionate about diving and exploring since. Diving in both back mount and sidemount, Wayne has seen more passages of the caves of Florida than most divers.

Today, Wayne can take you on a guided dive in some of Florida’s best springs. You will see the lesser explored passages of systems or challenge yourself on a low and silty sidemount dive.

Wayne’s philosophy is:

“I enjoy challenging myself and taking my diving to the next level. Every cave teaches you a different diving technique that you can use to dive the cave and improve your skills. When providing guided dives, safety and comfort are a priority. The dive is for the guided individual and I want him/her to have a good time, see new cave, and learn something about the diving environment. But most importantly, the dive is about having fun.”

Available Sites

The following can be dived using backmount or sidemount:

Alacha Sink
  • Manatee Springs
  • Eagles Nest
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Twin Springs
  • Jackson Blue Spring
  • Morgan Spring
  • Anderson Spring
  • Hart Spring
  • Madison Blue Spring
  • Alachua Sink
  • Telford Spring
  • Devil’s Ear and Eye
  • Little River Spring
  • Cow Spring
  • Peacock Springs
  • Bonnet Spring
  • Lafayette Blue Spring
  • Kitty/Trap

The following are sidemount-only sites:

  • Suwannee Blue
  • Blue Hole/Jug Spring (Ichetucknee)

Guided Dive Requirements

  • Divers must possess sufficient training and experience for the requested site and be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of skill and judgment.
  • Divers’ equipment will be subject to inspection and comparison.
  • Divers must sign a general liability release as well as those applicable to specific sites.

Guided Dive Fees

Description Price Each
One Diver $125/Day
Two or Three Divers $100/Day

Please Note:

  • Divers may be asked to provide transportation or travel expenses to more distant sites.
  • The rules at Alachua and Hart Springs prohibit guides from soliciting or accepting fees for these sites.

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