Guided Dives


Connect with an experienced guide who can take you to some of our area’s seldom-seen sites and show you what you might otherwise miss.

Available Sites

The following can be dived using backmount or sidemount:

  • Manatee Springs
  • Eagles Nest
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Twin Springs
  • Jackson Blue Spring
  • Morgan Spring
  • Anderson Spring
  • Hart Spring
  • Madison Blue Spring
  • Alachua Sink
  • Telford Spring
  • Devil’s Ear and Eye
  • Little River Spring
  • Cow Spring
  • Peacock Springs
  • Bonnet Spring
  • Lafayette Blue Spring
  • Kitty/Trap

The following are sidemount-only sites:

  • Suwannee Blue
  • Blue Hole/Jug Spring (Ichetucknee)

Guided Dive Requirements

  • Divers must possess sufficient training and experience for the requested site and be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of skill and judgment.
  • Divers’ equipment will be subject to inspection and comparison.
  • Divers must sign a general liability release as well as those applicable to specific sites.

Guided Dive Fees

Description Price Each
One Diver $125/Day
Two or Three Divers $100/Day

Please Note:

  • Divers may be asked to provide transportation or travel expenses to more distant sites.
  • The rules at Alachua and Hart Springs prohibit guides from soliciting or accepting fees for these sites.